JBoss Seam after all…

20 sep, 2009 | freelance, techniek | 2 Comments

In 2008 I have been working on the TenderNed project at ICTU foundation for several months. We started off developing the system on an industry wide accepted platform based on Java, JEE, JBoss Seam, and a relational database.

Sadly and rather sudden, the project was hijacked by an ICTU employed group of astronaut architects unfortunately backed by ICTU management: Java was thrown out and replaced by a highly unrealistic XML-everywhere architecture. I left.

Now, almost a year later, after a gartner-rapport-wob on this rooky architecture , the ministry wisely decided to have some other party build it.

I hope some people got a little wiser out of this and learned something. I know I did.

Update 15-10-2011: The TenderNed system finally got ready and, judging by the ?cid=  in the URL’s, the final version is based on the JBoss Seam framework after all! 


  1. Rino


    Yep. I was there too, and also left that 'sinking ship' in time. They wouldn't listen to us, but now we got our revenge a bit ;-). Certainly learned a lot too.
    It's a shame though that, imho, again and again millions of tax euro's are wasted by the government trying to build software, which they just can't or just suck at it to say the least.

  2. Hartog


    "Revenge is a dish best served cold." as the Klingons put it...

    Hope it feels rewarding ;-)

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