Our Java programmers and architects are located in Belarus, in the cities Minsk and Soligorsk. Coming from a broad Java background, they specialized in the test automation and all things related.

green-business-graphUnit Testing

Java code bases without unit-tests, or a low test coverage, are hard to debug and difficult to extend. Or in a nutshell: expensive to maintain.
We are very experienced in incrementally developing a unit test-set on an existing codebase. We use state-of-the-art practices, tooling and frameworks and integrate the test-set completely within your existing build- and continuous integration environment.

This results in more control over your software development, more efficient troubleshooting, and a higher quality of delivered software. Additionally, a well developed unit test-set serves as a living system documentation and forms a safe starting point for code refactoring.

logo-seleniumIntegration Testing

Integration Testing is the testing of a software system as a whole through its external interfaces. This can be done by human testers that perform test scenarios but there is also a powerful Java framework, Selenium, that enables the automation of these tests.

Our developers are true Selenium experts. We can fully automate your existing regression test scenarios and integrate those with your build environment. This makes the tests 100% repeatable, consistent and precise. They can be run unattended and scheduled, as often as needed, allowing your testers to focus on assessing the test results.
We deliver the required software infrastructure for Selenium and train your people to maintain and extend the integration testset. This will lead to higher quality and significant cost reduction for your QA processes.


Many software development teams lack the resources to setup and keep alive a Selenium testset for their projects. XML2Selenium is a custom-made framework that allows to declaratively create integration tests on top of Selenium. This makes the power of Selenium available to non-programmers and drastically lowers the investment required to develop such a test-set.

Additionally, XML2Selenium offers:

  • extensive test reports, readable for programmers and business people
  • possibility to integrate test reports with system specifications like user stories
  • possibility to re-use recurring scenario’s like login, user registration, etc.
  • complete integration with Maven and Jenkins

logo-jmeterLoad en Performance Testing

Load testing involves investigating into the maximum load a system can handle and checking what happens when this load is exceeded. With performance testing we measure the performance of the system with a pre-defined load.

With the tool JMeter, both types of test can be carried out in web environments. Our test engineers can develop these tests and setup the right infrastructure for you. With these tests integrated into your continuous integration server, they can be carried out repeatedly and on schedule. This gives control and insight into baseline performance and the performance changes as your systems evolve. The benchmarks are a base requirement for any form of performance tuning.

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