Are you looking for an outsourcing partner with a proven track record in agile projects? Are you looking for the cost-benefits of nearshoring? Let us inform you about our Remote Agile Teams.

telephoneLocal foothold

The unique feature of Remote Agile is the functional delegate that works with you on site. He or she discusses and prioritizes the user stories with you and evaluates the results of every development iteration. The functional delegate forwards the requirements to the remote team and, as a linking pin, streamlines the communication.
The experience and personal acquaintance of this person with the developers yields high returns from the remote team. Next to that, you are always free to address the remote team yourself during demo’s or stand-ups.


Our well matched Remote Agile Teams work along the Scrum project methodology. This results in a very predictable and thorough software development process that retains the possibility to adjust course.
Common ingredients of this method are a.o.

  • fixed iterations that deliver working software every two or three weeks;
  • planning meeting at the start of every iteration;
  • daily stand-up meetings;
  • sprint-demos and retrospective meetings that conclude every sprint;
  • unambiguously defined Definition-of-Done (DoD).

To boost mutual engagement, we prefer to conduct the demo’s in the (online) presence of both customer and team.

toolsTools and rules

Our people are in the same timezone as our customers and have excellent internet connections. Our tool stack consist of the following components:

  • Skype for stand-up and other meetings. We demand all of our team members to be online and keep their Skype status up-to-date.
  • Pivotal Tracker for agile project management. We use a physical scrumboard as well.
  • Jira for issue management in maintenance situations.
  • Basecamp for file exchange, address lists, project data etc.
  • GitHub voor online Source Code Management.


In Scrum, as with any software project, a good mutual understanding between the Product Owner and the development Team is one of the key success factors. In Remote Agile, the functional delegate who acts as linking-pin plays a decisive role in this.
Through recurring retrospective meetings between the key players we try to continuously improve the collaboration. In this meetings we address the good points as well as the chances for improvement. Concrete improvements are planned and carried out. This feedback-driven self-improvement results in an ever increasing productivity.

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