“Quickly respond to a sudden need for development capacity”

robbrecht-van-amerongenDeploying a Plance nearshoring team helped us respond to a sudden need for development capacity. Additional benefit is the ability to take on projects with dependencies on technologies outside our core expertise, Oracle.
The bi-weekly delivery deliveries, tested by the Dutch part of Plance, allowed us to quickly see results and pivot when necessary. The quality and flexibility proved very beneficial to us.

Robbrecht van Amerongen – Manager Innovatie AMIS Services BV

“The pleasant rates get us more bang for the buck”

simonsPlance (and the Ukrainian backbench) has proven to be a reliable web development partner on several occasions. We do have stringent requirements when it comes to user interaction and dynamic websites but they always deliver.
Furthermore, they are nice to talk to, flexible and their pleasant rates get us more bang for the buck.

Peter Simons – Algemeen Directeur De Beeldenfabriek

“Plance helped us get Clojure developers within a month”

satyaA startups’ challenge is to find the best developers for the limited resources available. Besides, a startup needs to be able to scale up strategically yet good developers are often only readily available when you pay them big time. Especially in the tight market of the Netherlands.

Our company not only faced those challenges, but we also develop in Clojure, a language that not that many developers master. We couldn’t find Clojure developers in the Netherlands that we could afford, yet we needed to scale our dev team.

Plance, with its huge network of developers, helped us get Clojure developers within a month. They provided excellent candidates and helped us with management, payment and hiring. As a result, our startup can now move faster at less cost, yet keep focussing on the high quality that every startup needs to deliver.

Satya van Heummen – CEO Announce.ly

“Plance and the Belarusian partners completely automated our regression test set”

Since we release new versions of our platform on a monthly basis, we spent a lot of time on manual regression tests.
Plance and the Belarusian partners completely automated our regression test set and put up the required testing infrastructure for us. Their XML2Selenium framework enables our testers to implement new test scripts without any Java knowledge. The XML2Selenium reports help us to quickly assess bugs and problem areas in our platform. The integration with BrowserStack allows us to test on all combinations of browser and OS that we want to support, without any extra effort. They provided excellent support and swiftly responded to all our questions and problems.

Hein Remmen – Director Product Management at Ezwim

“We now are in a much better position”

We now are in a much better position and detect bugs before our customers find them. The test automation that was implemented by Plance frees our testers to focus on other quality aspects and new functionality. As a result, we offer our customers an even higher level of quality and stability of service.

Bram Cool – CEO at Ezwim

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