Plance partners with a range of belorusian and ukrainian companies to extend the service to customer. For a number of companies, Plance acts as a representative in the Netherlands.


Antalika is a web- and internet-marketing agency from Minsk that Plance has co-operated with on several projects. Antalika specializes in development of web-portals, company websites, casino-sites, groupon clones and mobile apps. Plance represents Antalika’s services in Western Europe.


Jazzteam is a Java company from the belorusian town Soligorsk. They specialize in all things Java and are experts in Test Automation. The developed their own testtool XML2Selenium which allows testers to write automated test scripts in a declarative way, without no technical skills required.
Plance did several projects with Jazzteam for dutch customers and represents it’s services in the Netherlands.


Orangesoft is a software development club from Minsk with 30 very experienced and professional App developers, both Android and iOS. They go a long way to understand their customers’ business problems and prefer an iterative development approach, giving the customer optimal control. They handle smaller (MVP) projects for startups as well as large sustaining development and maintenance work. Plance can act as contact person and linking pin in the Netherlands for customers interested in App development capacity.


Instinctools is a Java company from the belarusion town of Grodno that also operates a branch in Germany. They are specialized in Java, Javascript, CMS systems, mobile development and employ english and german speaking developers.
Please contact Plance if you are interested in a co-operation with Instinctools.


Cortlex from Minsk is a young company that employs around twenty highly skilled PHP and .NET developers. They offer remote team extension services, or develop complete projects for you. Their developers speak decent english.
Plance represents Cortlex in the Netherlands and helps dutch customers starting up their projects and coöperation with this company.


Kenlo-Group is a web and mobile agency from Minsk with a strong focus on high-quality design and usability. Kenlo developes iOS, Android and Windows-phone apps and has gained a strong reputation in games, 2D and 3D. Plance represents Kenlo’s services in Western-Europe.


Paracvet is collective of very experienced graphical designers from Minsk with a focus on mobile apps, B2C websites and advertising. Paracvet has an impressive portfolio that reflects their high level of professionality and keen eye for detail. Paracvet can be hired through Plance for various kinds of design work.


BrokenBuild is a company from Kiev that specializes in development of custom Atlassian plug-ins. Furthermore, it offers expertise in the field of Business Process Automation, Continuous Delivery and DevOps solutions. Plance represents the services of BrokenBuild in the Netherlands and Germany.

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