Do you need an extra team member for your software development team? Are you looking for certain expertise but can’t find it? Our Team Extension service offers experienced, dedicated and communicative professionals to strengthen your team.

remote-teamlidYour Remote Team Member

It’s up to you to determine the activities of the remote team member. He or she can either work independently on a big task for a longer period, or receive tasks on a daily basis and follow your processes and best practices as an integral member of you team.
Our people are communicative and talk decent English. They are flexible and used to different modes of remote collaboration.

Read our tips&trick on how to get the highest return from your remote team members and how to avoid common pitfalls.

best-matchBest Match

We are always seeking the best for our customers and for our people. Before we propose a match, we always thoroughly check whether the candidate more than meets the required skills and experience, and if the nature of the job matches the ambition and preferences of the candidate.
We provide the right tooling for remote collaboration and assist you in getting the highest return on your remote team member. Once our people are on a job, we actively keep monitoring the collaboration and periodically evaluate it with you.

signing_contractFlexible contracts

You can hire a remote team member for a week, a month, a year or any other timespan. We act as a contract partner and invoice you monthly.  For this team member you don’t need to worry about a desk, a PC or laptop, a mobile phone, a lease-car, review conversations, job trainings, HR stuff, salary administration, company trips etc.

Let us take that away, so you to completely focus on your business goals.

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