Plance is a network organisation of IT specialists from the Netherlands, Belarus and Ukraine who stick together to help customers with their IT challenges.

We all share a passion for software development and are firmly committed to moving our customers forward. We want to grow, but value staying lean and mean more highly. Evaluation and retrospection are our tools of choice to continuously improve ourselves and our collaboration.

Plance is founded in 2006 by Peter Reitsma, who was previously employed by Oracle Netherlands and Finalist.
Initially, Peter mainly worked as a freelancer for various customers. In addition, he carried out IT projects with guys from Minsk that he met on a trip through the previous Soviet-Union. After many projects and trips across, Plance grew into its current configuration.


When not at work on site with customers, we work from our office in the centre of Rotterdam at the Weena-Zuid.

Weena-Zuid, Rotterdam

Some of our Belarusian Java specialists work in Minsk, but the majority is located in Soligorsk, a fine provincial town 120km south of Minsk.
In their homy "appartment office" with view on a birch wood they work on test automation and development of XML2Selenium.

Stand-up meeting in Soligorsk, Belarus

In Kiev, capital of Ukraine, the 19th floor of a high-rise building houses our web development team consisting of HTML-slicers, designers and Javascript specialists.

Office in Kiev, Ukraine

Frequently Asked Questions

Our people in Belarus and Ukraine do speak English. Some are really fluent, most are intermediate. For some, it is more effective to chat over Skype. Software related jargon is well known.

For the Team Extension service you can check the level of english of a candidate during the intake and judge if it yourself.

For our Remote Agile projects it is the (Dutch) functional delegate at your site you whom will be talking to, and who takes care of communication with the remote team.

No. We are a network organisation of self-employed professionals that carry out projects under the name of Plance.

Yes. Firstly, we make written agreements for projects with our customers, as detailed as needed.

In addition, we make mutual written agreements with all team members that are involved in a project.

More important still than contracts is the friendship and mutual trust between the the people in our network. We invest in long-term relations, between each other and with our customers, and keep a sharp focus. We believe that honesty and open communication is key.

Agile is our daily bread. We apply an iterative approach to all our work, engage on the most risky tasks first, commit to realistic estimations and commit to a common definition-of-done. Whenever suitable, we use continuous integration and test-automation on our projects.

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