Want to become a partner?

Plance has no vacancies for permanent jobs. However, we are always keen to meet good IT people who want to participate in a Plance project, or work as a remote team member for one of Plance’s customers.

Wanted Expertise

Some examples of expertise that we could use:

  • experienced back-end developers in server-side technologies like Java (JEE), .NET, PHP, Scala or Clojure
  • Oracle developers experienced in PL/SQL, SQL, Oracle RDBMS and utilities, Apex or ADF.
  • mobile developers iOS and Android
  • web developers with experience in a modern whole stack framework like Ruby-on-Rails, Django, Laravel or Yii
  • front-end developer experienced in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and for example Angular.js.
  • good web designers to design landing pages, web-applications and webshops.

Other Skills

To become eligible for a project, or a position as a remote team member, the following skills will be favorable:

  • customer friendliness
  • proficiency in english: speaking and understanding or at least be able to chat in English by Skype
  • agile mindset, experience in Scrum or willingness to learn Scrum
  • ability to work from a remote location (your home?) and still be a good team member
  • experience with tools like Skype, Github, Google Hangouts etc
  • willingness for occasional travel

What to do?

If you are interested in such kind of work, first step would be to send us your CV. We have a Google Docs template that can be used to give you an idea of what information we need. You can make a copy of it, fill it in, and send a link to info@plance.nl. There are absolutely no obligations or other strings attached to this.

As soon as we have an interesting project we will get into contact, have a conversation by you on Skype to get further acquainted and check for your availability.

Before we start an actual cooperation on a project, we make decent agreements written down in a contract. It will address:

  • payment
  • terms
  • responsibilities

For more information, call +31-6-47422310, Peter Reitsma, or by Skype peter_reitsma for more information and getting acquainted.

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