Mediatheek Firefox add-on made public

01 jun, 2009 | techniek

I am proud to announce that the Kennisnet Mediatheek Firefox Add-On is now released publicly at Mozilla Addons.

The Add-on dramatically simplifies the process of adding sources to one’s Mediatheek. Pages, hyperlinks and pictures can now be added with one click in the browser context menu.

Without the Add-on in place, a user needs to copy a source’s URL, open the Mediatheek admin website, lookup the right screen, paste the URL and click Add. This is rather cumbersome, espessially regarding the target user group: children and teenagers.
Next to the Firefox Add-on we also created a version for Internet Explorer extension that does the exact same thing.

I am eager to see the impact of this Add-On to the overall usage and success of Mediatheek and Onderwijsspullen.

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