Playing with Ubiquity

07 feb, 2009 | techniek

Ubiquity is a Firefox Add-on that enhances the browser by adding a range of functions that can be invoked by natural language commands. Ubiquity envisions a new concept of user-centric browsing as opposed to site-centric browsing. I think of it as a promising tool to reduce amount of open tabs needed when browsing. Read more about the concept and its goals here.

It is very easy to add new commands to Ubiquity using the Command Editor.  Commands are written in Javascript through the Ubiquity Api. Exposed APIs are the FUEL library, jQuery and the XPCOM Api, so no obstructions for pleasant and efficient coding.

I played around a little and created a (rather modest) davindi command that looks up stuff in the Kennisnet Foundation search engine Davindi. If you have Ubiquity installed you should be able to add the command here.


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