Intalio is not open source

21 May, 2008 | techniek | 7 Comments

On my current project we are reviewing a couple of Java workflow products. The question rose wether Intalio is really open source or not. Tom Baeyens already blogged about this in 2006.

I checked the license of the Intalio Community Edition License again. The community version comes without the source code and a license prohibiting any reverse engineering or hacking. The Enterprise Edition, not free, does include the source code.

So, Intalio can be called ‘open source’ only if one adheres to a very strange definition of open source which is by no means my definition.

This free riding the open-source wave is quite cunning and probably works for some customers. But in the end, someone has to pay the cunning salesguys.

Anyway, I will try to judge Intalio on the qualities of it’s software. More on that later.

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  1. Hartog

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    It sure is not Free Software as defined by Richard Stallman... And if you take into account the definition of Open Source ( I suspect it will fail on the first three (and i my twisted mind the most important) points...
    1 : I don't really think they will appreciate it if you give away or sell the program/source.
    2 : Obtaining the source freely is impossible, unless off course I am wrong on point one and you could give away the source you just bought.
    3 : Selling (or giving away) derivates might get you into legal problems...

    However: The have given there core engine to Apache Ode, so they are taking "We are OpenSource" out of context. IMHO: They (ab)use OpenSource, they are not OpenSource.

  2. Peter

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    I like the word this blogpost mentions "name sake opensource" ;)

  3. Jan Ripke

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    Ik laat het open source debat maar even voor wat het is. Ik ben erg benieuwd naar jullie bevinden met Intalio. Hoe makkelijk kun je een proces in elkaar zetten. Is er veel configuratie nodig om het product aan de gang te krijgen. Hoe verhoud het zich tot JBPM.
    Zomaar wat vragen die mij omhoog komen.

  4. Valdir

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    The and are really different things.

    In the first, you can buy the services and products. I disagree the title 'The Open source Leadership' in this site.
    In the second, you'll be forward to Apache's and Eclipse's sites. is just a member of community.

    see more:

  5. Silas Denyer

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    Valdir: at it is said "The community Edition is free to use for Evaluations, Development and Production".

    Sadly, if you read the community edition license, that license can be withdrawn at any time for any reason by Intalio. For instance, if they decide you're making too much money from their software, they could withdraw your community edition license and require you to buy an enterprise license instead.

    That is not a definition of "free to use" that seems particularly "free" in any sense of the word.

  6. bronius

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    two cents: one on our team described licensing and use as free for the software, pay for the training-- no mention of opensource.. If it's anything like any moderately complicated software I've seen, this can be good and bad: you can bang your head in the dark all you want for free, or pay a fee one time for one or two people and unlock life to your whole team.

  7. gergina

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    intalio is not good

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