Intalio is not open source

21 mei, 2008 | techniek | 7 Comments

On my current project we are reviewing a couple of Java workflow products. The question rose wether Intalio is really open source or not. Tom Baeyens already blogged about this in 2006.

I checked the license of the Intalio Community Edition License again. The community version comes without the source code and a license prohibiting any reverse engineering or hacking. The Enterprise Edition, not free, does include the source code.

So, Intalio can be called ‘open source’ only if one adheres to a very strange definition of open source which is by no means my definition.

This free riding the open-source wave is quite cunning and probably works for some customers. But in the end, someone has to pay the cunning salesguys.

Anyway, I will try to judge Intalio on the qualities of it’s software. More on that later.

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